Should You Apply a Stain or Epoxy to Your Garage Floor

Should you use a stain or epoxy on your garage floor? Well, there’s just there’s a couple differences between the two. A stain will absorb into the concrete and it’s going to still keep that profile of concrete so it’s going to be rough and an epoxy is going to create a top coat or thick film and the concrete floor is going to have a nice smooth finish, one you could mop and clean out really easily and the other will look like concrete except it’s going to be stained. The stains come in opaque or semi-transparent while your epoxies are just solid colors and you just pick any color you want and apply that color. Some of the differences between a stain and an epoxy are that an epoxy is typically more resistant to chemicals than a stain so when you drive in your garage, if you’re using it in the garage, there’s a lot of chemicals in your garage including your brake fluid, which is a very harsh chemical on floors so if your car is leaking brake fluid or you have oils or antifreeze or some other cleaners on the floor an epoxy is a lot more resistant and won’t get damaged or discolored from those chemicals. If you have the situation where a lot of chemicals may get on the floor an epoxy is the way to go.

Preparation On The Floor

What’s easiest to apply? They both really need to go through a nice good cleaning and etching process before you apply. The epoxies have a two part process. You put them together and they go through the sweating process. The application process is definitely a lot harder and more time consuming especially if you do multiple coats and you have to wait for drying and cure times.

A stain is very simple to apply. Any do-if-yourself can do it. You just get your concrete really good and clean and etched and you just roll it on. It’s definitely going to take two coats

Epoxy Can Be Finicky and Expensive If Not Done Right

With epoxy it is very, very critical that you apply it properly. If you don’t apply it properly and you drive on it and for instance get a hot tire and pick it up and it peels off then you really got a spot now in your epoxy that’s really difficult to actually touch it up because you have to sweat two gallons together and so it’s almost impossible to touch up. You’d have to buy two kits and it’ll cost you a couple hundred dollars to do a little touch up.

Stains Are Forgiving

Now a stain if you get little spots here there that peel up they’re very easy to stain. You just go buy another gallon and just roll a little bit on that spot so it’s very convenient for touch ups. Those are couple differences between the two options.

Stains are very good for a laundry room that doesn’t have any flooring. The laundry room in my house is a concrete floor and I just stained it with a solid color stain. I didn’t want to go to the whole expense of using an epoxy n my laundry room floor so I just used a stain and rolled it on.

Epoxies Are For Indoors Only

Epoxies have to be applied indoors so if you want a color on your concrete outdoors you’ve got to use a stain. We don’t hardly ever use a semi-transparent stain we use solid color stains.

Hopefully that answers when you would use a stain and why you use a stain and what’s more convenient. A stain is way easier to use than an epoxy. If you’re a do-it-yourself or don’t have a lot of the experience with epoxy a lot of things could go wrong. Hopefully that helps.