Review of DEWALT DW745 10″ Compact Job-Site Table Saw – 120V

The DEWALT DW745 10″ table saw is a brand name that is very trusted in the industry. It Is a tool that can be used at home or as part of a wood working business. It is used to cutting a variety of woods, hard and soft. The DEWALT DW745 table saw is also efficient and suitable for renovators, cabinet-makers, carpenters, and for flooring contractors. Using a DEWALT table saw has many advantages and that’s what makes it competitive in the market for table saws.


Transporting the DEWALT DW745 10″ table saw is not a major issue because the saw table and the stand can be separated. This makes it ultra portable no matter how far you need to transport it. Therefore, those who are going to use it will find it easy to use it anywhere. The entire unit weighs 67 lb and its table weighs 45 lb. The fact that it uses 120V power means it can easily plug into any electrical wall outlet.

Designed for Frequent Use

Great for general woodworking, carpentry, framing, and decking jobs because this table saw can be used frequently without overheating  As long as it has a good supply of power and has high-quality blades and rips the motor runs continuously at 15 amps, which makes it comparable to other table saws in its class. Moreover, this saw is suitable for highly demanding construction jobs where long continuous use is required.

Offers Good Ripping Capacity

The rip can be maximized by removing the rip fence and using an additional table support. The table space on the left is 12 inches and that offers a good rip capacity. More table space can be purchased with another table saw, if necessary, but so will the table saw cost.

No Dust Collector

This saw has no dust collector so it should be used in a ventilated garage or used outdoors. The saw should be cleaned with an air hose or broom to remove left over wood dust. This is increase the life of the saw’s components.

Safety Features

All features expected for safety are present. It has a blade guard that protects the blade from injuring the users, a push stick for safer ripping, a riving knife, and anti-kickback pawls. These are safety features that are suitable for the portable table saw.

Maintenance Requirements

Electric motors are protected from dust and other particles as it is completely sealed. It is also permanently lubricated, However, other exposed parts are supposed to be greased using a standard tool grease. Dust, which would be the major problem to its users, can just be eliminated by brushing or using an air gun to remove the dust. Generally, this table saw is the easiest to use and maintain.

The¬†DEWALT DW745 table saw is suitable for woodworking and is very important, especially to a busy woodworking shop. Adding this to your woodworking tools will add many advantages with its many advantages like portability, it’s easy of use, lower cost compared to other table saws in it’s class, and it’s ease to maintain. This table saw should be considered to add to any woodworking shop or handyman’s shop.