How to Remove Caulk In your Shower and Replace it with a Professional Look









Hello everyone, I’m gonna to tell you a method to replace the silicone around your shower and make sure that it looks professionally done. So there’s just a few things you’re going to need:

  • masking tape
  • a tube of silicone (with the color of your choice)
  • a razor blade scraper
  • a caulking gun
  • hand dish soap
  • a small container to put the dish soap in

Here’s a small tip when you do get yourself caulking gun, make sure you get one of the ones that is dripless. As soon as you stop pumping there’s a mechanism on the back that will immediately relieve the pressure and you don’t get silicone oozing out the tip.

Step 1

So all you have to do is take your razor blade scraper, slide it against the tile in the shower and scrape at the silicone. Once you’ve gone under the full silicone bead then start scraping from the other side. This doesn’t take very long and what this will allow you to do is to simply peel the loose silicone away from the tile and it usually comes off in long strips. Once you’ve removed all the silicone go over the joints once again and clean off any small bits left behind. It takes about 20 minutes to remove all the old silicone from the joints.

Step 2

The next thing you want to do is to get your masking tape and tape long strips of tape along the joints on both sides of the joint where you want to caulk. Leave about a quarter of an inch gap between the strips of tape. Once the taping is done you want to put the tube of silicone in your caulking gun and slowly start pumping silicone into the joint.

So here’s another good tip for you, most people when they’re doing silicone caulking they have a rag and you just finished wiping off some silicone and it’s on your fingers they wipe it on the rag. Then the next time they use the rag the blog of silicone gets back on their fingers. Go to the church mission or the second hand stores and get a pair of pants a cheap pair of work pants. They can be anything you’re just gonna toss them out and they’re only about $2 or $3 and all you do is as you white silicone off wipe it off on your pants. Your pants will be covered with spots, it’s easy to push a finger into it to get all that junk off your finger because you do need to have clean hands as you’re doing this.

Step 3

Before you start putting the silicone on the joints you want to take the dish soap and put a little bit in a container and you want to use equal parts water and mix it up. Cut the tip off of the silicone tube and cut the tip where it starts to straighten out, cut the tip at a bit of an angle.

Step 4

So after that you’re ready to start applying. Make sure you have the soap mixture nearby. So what you’re going to do is run up the silicone and then you’re going to put some soap on your finger and use your finger to smooth it out. Slightly push the silicone and that pushes the silicone towards the tape. Then you remove the tape and then slowly push down the edges of the silicone where the tape was located. Each time you touch the silicone dab your finger in the soap to get the silicone from sticking. The silicone will look very professional when you’re done.