How and Where to Install an Electric Fireplace for Home Improvement

During the cold season, your house can get extremely cold and uncomfortable. With an electric fireplace you can ensure that your apartment is heated at a fairly low cost. Unlike fires that rely on gas, electricity based fireplaces are cheap to install, run and maintain.

In the market today, the main electric fireplaces on sale are either wall-mounted or inset. The choice of a fireplace should be dictated by the available space. In a cramped room, an inset electric fireplace is the best home improvement product. This article will provide useful advice on how to handle the installation process for maximum safety and efficiency.

Where Should the Fireplace Be Located?

Before starting the installation process, you should look at the space available in your residence. Ideally, your electric fireplace should be located in an area where there is some free space. Apart from warming your residence, a electric fireplace also increases the aesthetic appeal of a room. To ensure that the heat being generated is conserved, you should avoid installing the fireplace near an area where the heat can escape.

Electric fireplaces depend on electric power to function. When choosing an installation location you should ensure that there is a power source close by. The cords of the fireplace should reach the nearest socket effortlessly.

Tips for Installing an Electric Fireplace

The installation process usually varies depending on the type of fireplace being fitted. Below are some tips to help guarantee the job is done correctly.

1. Hire a Seasoned Installation Technician

If you are handy around the house, you can easily install your own fireplace. However, if you have no experience in handling this type of installation, you should consider consulting and engaging a seasoned professional. A professional usually has a high likelihood of doing the job better, quickly, and more efficiently.

2. Use the Right Tools and Equipment

Whichever type of fireplace you have chosen to install, always ensure that you are armed with the right tools for the job. The fitting of an inbuilt fireplace may require some in-house refurbishment. Without the right tools, you can end up doing a lot of damage to the interior decor.

3. Check the Structural Integrity of the Wall that is to Support a Mounted Fireplace

To avoid unnecessary accidents in the house, you should ensure that you are mounting your electric fireplace on a beam that has enough strength to support the entire fireplace. If the whole apparatus is attached to a weak support, if usually poses a huge risk to all in the household.

4. Carefully Hide Cords and Wires During Installation

The cords of an electric fireplace can be an eyesore if they are left hanging hap-haphazardly in the room. Before the completion of the fitting project, you should check to see that cords are not left peeking out. Cords that are not properly hidden can dull the decor or a room

If you are handling the fitting personally, carefully read the manual containing installation instructions carefully. It is only through reading instructions that the installation can be done correctly. Installation can be tricky if the electric fireplace is inset, it is usually recommend that a professional is hired or consulted.

Let us know how your installation went, whether you did it by yourself or through a professional.