How to Tell if Your Home Has Enough Insulation and What You Should Do About It


Insulation is the most trusted and effective way of saving energy in a house because it maintains coolness during the summer period and warmth in winter. When investing in any source of energy in a house you should first improve insulation in your house to make sure that you do not waste energy hence maximizing use of natural resources. There are several signs to know whether your house is insulated. These include:

Fluctuations in Temperatures

Fluctuating temperatures is one of the signs that help to know whether your house is insulated. For example, you may decide to freeze in the kitchen but feel warmth in the living room, which shows that your house is well insulated.

Increase in Energy Bills

High amount of energy bills shows that the house is under insulation. Look at the energy bills of your house in the last few years to see whether there is a high increase. If the cooling and heating units are working more than usual you may not notice high temperatures but you will recognize extreme energy bills in your house.

Freezing Pipes

Frozen pipes are an indicator of insulation problem in your house. A proper house’s insulation protects the house from damage caused by freezing temperatures. Frozen pipes can be caused by exterior walls which are poorly insulated which can also cause them to burst.

Water Leaking in Attic

Poor insulation will let in water as it lets out heat from your house. Water finds a way in a poorly insulated house easier than a house which is well insulated. Insulation might be a problem if your attic is leaking and the insulation should be replaced immediately since water may cause many problems which might be costly.

Cold Ceilings, Walls and Floors

The interior floors, ceilings and walls should be dry and warm. When the paneling inside and drywall feels cold or damp, the insulation is not enough and should be replaced. The insulation should keep the house warm inside and cold on exterior wall.

Cold Rooms

If the house is well ventilated and sometimes you find some of the rooms inexplicably hotter or colder no matter the efforts you make, poor insulation will probably be the problem and should be replaced.

Chilly Drafts

Drafts are as a result of cold air which enters around doorways and window frames. Adding insulation will help to avoid chilly drafts as well as saving the energy bills. Use spray foam insulation which is best for crevices and cracks.

Ice Water on the Roof

Ice dams are a result of when the bottom layer of the snow melts after heating. Melted water trickles down the gutter and begin to freeze once it hits the cool air which results to ice damming. Ice water on the roof shows poor insulation that can be noticed during winter.

Bugs and Mice in the House

The insects may enter the house if it is poorly insulated. The worst thing is to find insects in the house because they can cause some diseases. The insects can get into the house through tiny crevices around the windows and doorways which let in cold air and hot air escapes. Proper insulation should be done to protect the house from vermin and save on energy bills.


Insulation is important since it helps to support warmth and protect the house from hazardous destruction that may be caused by water or even insects.

This article should help you save loads on your heating bills. Tell us about how you identified that your house needed more insulation and how you went about fixing it.

How and Where to Install an Electric Fireplace for Home Improvement

During the cold season, your house can get extremely cold and uncomfortable. With an electric fireplace you can ensure that your apartment is heated at a fairly low cost. Unlike fires that rely on gas, electricity based fireplaces are cheap to install, run and maintain.

In the market today, the main electric fireplaces on sale are either wall-mounted or inset. The choice of a fireplace should be dictated by the available space. In a cramped room, an inset electric fireplace is the best home improvement product. This article will provide useful advice on how to handle the installation process for maximum safety and efficiency.

Where Should the Fireplace Be Located?

Before starting the installation process, you should look at the space available in your residence. Ideally, your electric fireplace should be located in an area where there is some free space. Apart from warming your residence, a electric fireplace also increases the aesthetic appeal of a room. To ensure that the heat being generated is conserved, you should avoid installing the fireplace near an area where the heat can escape.

Electric fireplaces depend on electric power to function. When choosing an installation location you should ensure that there is a power source close by. The cords of the fireplace should reach the nearest socket effortlessly.

Tips for Installing an Electric Fireplace

The installation process usually varies depending on the type of fireplace being fitted. Below are some tips to help guarantee the job is done correctly.

1. Hire a Seasoned Installation Technician

If you are handy around the house, you can easily install your own fireplace. However, if you have no experience in handling this type of installation, you should consider consulting and engaging a seasoned professional. A professional usually has a high likelihood of doing the job better, quickly, and more efficiently.

2. Use the Right Tools and Equipment

Whichever type of fireplace you have chosen to install, always ensure that you are armed with the right tools for the job. The fitting of an inbuilt fireplace may require some in-house refurbishment. Without the right tools, you can end up doing a lot of damage to the interior decor.

3. Check the Structural Integrity of the Wall that is to Support a Mounted Fireplace

To avoid unnecessary accidents in the house, you should ensure that you are mounting your electric fireplace on a beam that has enough strength to support the entire fireplace. If the whole apparatus is attached to a weak support, if usually poses a huge risk to all in the household.

4. Carefully Hide Cords and Wires During Installation

The cords of an electric fireplace can be an eyesore if they are left hanging hap-haphazardly in the room. Before the completion of the fitting project, you should check to see that cords are not left peeking out. Cords that are not properly hidden can dull the decor or a room

If you are handling the fitting personally, carefully read the manual containing installation instructions carefully. It is only through reading instructions that the installation can be done correctly. Installation can be tricky if the electric fireplace is inset, it is usually recommend that a professional is hired or consulted.

Let us know how your installation went, whether you did it by yourself or through a professional.

Using Wallpaper to Increase the Value of Your Home

Did you know that wallpaper decoration can affect the overall value of your home? There are great stylish wallpaper designs valuable for your home improvement artwork. With a taste of color, unique features, and themes, your home interior decor can brighten up any space.

A good wallpaper can add value to your living room in addition to making it more cozy and inspiring. Customized wallpapers add your personality touch and build lovely impressions.

Benefits of Wallpaper Decoration

It’s an ingenious way to hide away uneven wall surfaces. If you want a quick fix for an imperfect wall, this is the best option.

Wallpapers are highly versatile. You can apply a textured paint on the surface to enhance it with your favorite color if you like. Better still, papers can be used on top of a paint coating. With the option to choose from several colors, style, and patterns, you can produce an impressive finish. They’re quite durable, lasting up to 15 years. The ability to withstand wear and tear makes it suitable for use on walls without hindering kids playful nature. You can also easily clean the covering by wiping it, giving it a fresh new look every day.

It’s a perfect way of preserving historical works of art. Since they’re durable, artistic impressions are immortalized on your wall art. Papers can actually give a classic appearance to an otherwise simple home. Use of a warm welcoming print paper on an entry way may set the right tone for your guests.

How to Add Value to Your Home Using Wallpapers

To reap the best out of wallpaper home decoration, choose the right color patterns. This produces an eye catching decorative work. Ensure you incorporate your favorite themes. You may use wildlife, trees, flowers, landmark features, water bodies, and other natural features as inspirational themes. Many people can relate to most of these timeless themes.

As they say, old is gold, you can give your kitchen, bedroom or living room a classic 1950s look using great old themes. Go back in time with beautiful styles of yesteryear. These are what memories are made of. Using high quality wallpapers is a great plus to home improvement. Remember, you’re adding not only a valuable decoration, but also a durable one. If you get the right material, color, and designs, it results in a good quality artwork. This is especially useful since removing wallpapers isn’t a walk in the park.

A good well-placed wallpaper creates a more homely house. It also makes larger rooms appear smaller and lively. As a way of extending your personality into your living room, wallpapers produce lasting memories. By choosing the best wallpapers, you create exciting moments and add a colorful show to a party, family event, or a business conference.

If in doubt on what wallpapers to use, it’s always important to consult a home interior designer. You can make an urban-like impression out of your rural home by incorporating modern stylish designs in your wallpapers. Whatever inspirational ideas that shape your paper designs, this is definitely a perfect choice to add value to your horn. Be careful not to ruin your home with boring or not well done paper art. Fixing mistakes caused by poorly done paperwork can be costly and may damage your walls.

If you have questions about which wallpapers you should be using contact us and tell us about it.

10 Things to Know About Tiles for Home Improvement

Floor tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing materials such as ceramic or stone that is used for covering floors. Ceramic tiles for instance have quickly become one of the most popular types of materials used in a home but mostly are not understood on basis of what they are. They are made of sand and clay as basic materials. When they are put in a floor, the lines that are on the edge of each floor tile is why they are thoroughly covered.

When installing tiles in your home, don’t ignore the professionalism of the installers since the best results depends on the installers. There is a national body that is related to tile installation. This will help in avoiding breakages and to get the real image of what you want. Porcelain tiles are good for you kitchen and bathroom since they are more dense and porous than ceramic. This helps in water infiltration purpose.

Floor tiles can be maintained, they act as waterproof and are the best type of home improvement technology. Floor tiles are durable since once installed one can even enjoy life time service before changing them. It is a good type of technology since they cannot fade under ultraviolet rays.

Cleanliness, importance of tiles since it is preferred than carpets in combating diseases like asthma. Tiles gives a home one of its unique designs and also add values since they keep houses up to date trends. Most people prefer houses with tiles because of its uniqueness.

Floor tile quality should not be determined by price. One should consider researching the manufacturers who are well know for manufacturing quality tiles, since tiles comes in 3 grade s that is first grade, second grade and third grade and the prices cannot matter. Majorly quality is determined by the buyer and also buyer’s preference.

There are different categories of tiles since not all of them are not made from the same materials. One has to know the categories of tiles for example glazed porcelain and polished porcelain for they are for different purposes and uses.

Each floor tile has advantage and disadvantage so knowing what you want for your job is important and knowing the category of your tile is also important for example anti-slip tile for your uncovered outdoor. Lay your floor tiles right and once to avoid irregularities in patterns and presentations since they really matter in outlook and costs. This actually can be avoided by hiring a tiler with good reputation. Floor tiling is the best technology that is used today for home improvement and is used widely around the world for decorations and adding value to homes especially those meant for sell for example apartments. It gives an elegant outlook and design on basis of up-to-date qualities and expresses uniqueness on outlooks. Floor tiles are affordable and are easily maintained since they are durable, they give long term service when properly laid, grouts that are also covered well qualify a tile to a life time service.

7 Outrageous Ideas For Your Stone Veneer

Home improvement is all the talk these days on social media. Everyone wants a piece of the pie when it comes to DIY home improvement projects that that they show off to their friends and family. With the Internet and all its information at the click of a button, anyone can indulge in a DIY home improvement project and eliminate any workmanship costs that they would otherwise encounter. With the right tools and guidance it is easy to install your own stone veneer.

Bathroom – Highlight and upscale your bathroom with a rustic finish by installing a stone veneer to it. You can choose your favorite kind of stone in different shades and textures. Install the stone veneer on the wall near the bathtub from roof to floor. This would give your bathroom the ambience of a spa retreat and the pleasures of long bathtub soaks

Outdoor Table – Install stone veneer to an old outdoor table and seal it well for a rustic barbecue area. The stone would be perfect to retain the heat from the food and will also add to the aesthetics of the outdoor space.

Pillar and Columns – Veneer on pillars and columns in the outdoor patio are beautiful to look at when there is a lush garden that surrounds it. Not only does the veneer serve its aesthetic purpose, it also reinforces any cracks and fault lines in the structure.

Fireplace Stone – It’s a great conductor of heat and this makes it perfect for the fireplace. The family can sit around and enjoy the heat of the fireplace and the retained heat on the stone veneer that surrounds it as well.

Gaps Between Stairs – If you have a set of floating staircases, then this is a wonderful idea for the gaps, as it both reinforces as well as beautiful to look at.

Stone Fire pit – Love your outdoor fire pit? Why not line the outside with some stone veneer to make it look rustic and durable. The outdoor entertainment area with a fire pit is usually very cold and the stone veneer will retain heat to warm up its occupants.

Television Entertainment Center – Install stone veneer on the wall behind your television and give it that cozy cottage appearance. Put a neat little stand with your television on it or mount it on the wall so your veneer can hide the ugly cables. Some ceiling spotlights are perfect to highlight the shadows from the wall.

Home improvement can prove to be a very expensive affair for some even if you don’t employ an installer To cover these, home improvement loans are available with most financial institutions to look after the costs to keep up the same. Indulging in home improvement projects is for everyone who wants to do something in their spare time or even as a hobby with the family and with the right help, anything is possible. When looking for home improvement loans to complete your project make sure that you have shopped around to find a few institutions before you choose the one for you There are different interest rates that are available for individuals looking for home improvement loans. All of which, depends on the credit history and repayment capabilities of the individual.

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Fire Pit


Fire pits are wonderful addition that you can do to incredibly transform your otherwise drab outdoor areas. Yet more than just being just a delightful accessory outdoors, they offer many added benefits that explain why they are quickly becoming popular. Luckily for you, nowadays you can actually buy fire pit and accessories online.  Here are the reasons why you should consider invest in a fire pit.

Why Invest in a Fire Pit

1. Center for entertainment – The moment the sun sets and you feel like having a small special event or social gathering with your family and friends, a fire pit gives you that comfortable and cozy setting. Just hanging around it, updating stories and having your favorite beverages are memories that will last forever. It is also an excellent way to extend the space outside the house when indoor space has become limited.

2. As a substitute for the standard shredding, you can actually burn very sensitive paper files and these outdoor heating solutions make this job very hassle-free. Shedding unwanted, but discreet, paperwork has never been made less complicated.

3. Fire pits these days are not just a heat provider, but additionally are great tools for cooking food. A gas fire pit, for example, come with some functions that permit an end user to prepare dishes other than just barbecue or roasted marshmallows.

This is also true for wood burning types. While some people are discouraged by the smoke they emit, many individuals just love that particular smell and taste of food prepared from the conventional fire. No matter what the types of fire pits, as a result of impressive designs, fire pits now provide a fun and hassle-free way to prepare food out in the open.

4. The same as with other outdoor heating alternatives, a fire pit allows you to extend the warm and more comfortable seasons of the year. You can invest some more time outdoors even on those frosty nights. Not only that, with the heat from your fire pit, you are almost guaranteed that no irritating mosquitoes and other annoying insects will bug you for the whole duration of your stay out-of-doors. In addition, these outdoor heating options are available in a wide array of styles and layouts. You can even pick your own masterwork. Simply let your creative imagination go wild.

5. Fire pits can also add importance to your dwelling. As mentioned previously, they are more than just pleasing features that are often made the point of interest in many outdoor settings. They provide your property even more charm that sets it apart from others and this can work in your greatest interest if you happen to decide to sell your dwelling in the foreseeable future.

6. Fire pits solve the problem of safety and keep outdoor grilling simple. Materials are inexpensive and readily available for those with some do-it-yourself skills. Do it yourself plans abound on the internet using materials such as stone, brick and cast iron framing to keep the pit sturdy. There are very reasonably priced kits also available that include the needed materials and instructions.

This creates a truly outdoor cooking feel. A pit allows the family and guests to enjoy the cooler evenings in summers in a relaxed manner around a natural fire. There is something about gathering around a fire that fills the human spirit with peace, creating community and conversation, or companionable silence.

Oldie but goodie standards like s’mores and hotdogs are possible along with the advantages of complete fire safety for residential areas.

7. Pits are not limited to primitive hot-dog-on-a-stick grilling. There are accessories that can be used to provide facility for cooking, roasting and grilling using the fire of the pit. This allows the menu to expand to include all sorts of meats, a roasted chicken or kabobs if desired, pretty much anything the average grill could accomplish. Many outdoor cooking purists like the power to change the aroma of the fire and add, they feel, to the flavor of the food by using hickory or mesquite charcoal for the grilling.

Going camping is fun but can be an ordeal. It can be hard to find a time when the entire family’s schedule, the weather and the space available at a campground all come together perfectly. A fire pit of their own in their own backyard allows a family to experience the same cooking fun, the same family and friend camaraderie around the fire, with all the conveniences of a home nearby.

The camp-out atmosphere can be enjoyed twice a week instead of a few times a year during more seasons of the year. Campgrounds get overrun and crowded during many seasons and charge high fees, plus the costs of travel. A true outdoor experience is special, but the family should take advantage as much as possible of all the natural fun their own fire pit could add to their life.

Stay tuned for more unique ideas to improve your home at!

Review of DEWALT DW745 10″ Compact Job-Site Table Saw – 120V

The DEWALT DW745 10″ table saw is a brand name that is very trusted in the industry. It Is a tool that can be used at home or as part of a wood working business. It is used to cutting a variety of woods, hard and soft. The DEWALT DW745 table saw is also efficient and suitable for renovators, cabinet-makers, carpenters, and for flooring contractors. Using a DEWALT table saw has many advantages and that’s what makes it competitive in the market for table saws.


Transporting the DEWALT DW745 10″ table saw is not a major issue because the saw table and the stand can be separated. This makes it ultra portable no matter how far you need to transport it. Therefore, those who are going to use it will find it easy to use it anywhere. The entire unit weighs 67 lb and its table weighs 45 lb. The fact that it uses 120V power means it can easily plug into any electrical wall outlet.

Designed for Frequent Use

Great for general woodworking, carpentry, framing, and decking jobs because this table saw can be used frequently without overheating  As long as it has a good supply of power and has high-quality blades and rips the motor runs continuously at 15 amps, which makes it comparable to other table saws in its class. Moreover, this saw is suitable for highly demanding construction jobs where long continuous use is required.

Offers Good Ripping Capacity

The rip can be maximized by removing the rip fence and using an additional table support. The table space on the left is 12 inches and that offers a good rip capacity. More table space can be purchased with another table saw, if necessary, but so will the table saw cost.

No Dust Collector

This saw has no dust collector so it should be used in a ventilated garage or used outdoors. The saw should be cleaned with an air hose or broom to remove left over wood dust. This is increase the life of the saw’s components.

Safety Features

All features expected for safety are present. It has a blade guard that protects the blade from injuring the users, a push stick for safer ripping, a riving knife, and anti-kickback pawls. These are safety features that are suitable for the portable table saw.

Maintenance Requirements

Electric motors are protected from dust and other particles as it is completely sealed. It is also permanently lubricated, However, other exposed parts are supposed to be greased using a standard tool grease. Dust, which would be the major problem to its users, can just be eliminated by brushing or using an air gun to remove the dust. Generally, this table saw is the easiest to use and maintain.

The DEWALT DW745 table saw is suitable for woodworking and is very important, especially to a busy woodworking shop. Adding this to your woodworking tools will add many advantages with its many advantages like portability, it’s easy of use, lower cost compared to other table saws in it’s class, and it’s ease to maintain. This table saw should be considered to add to any woodworking shop or handyman’s shop.

Should You Apply a Stain or Epoxy to Your Garage Floor

Should you use a stain or epoxy on your garage floor? Well, there’s just there’s a couple differences between the two. A stain will absorb into the concrete and it’s going to still keep that profile of concrete so it’s going to be rough and an epoxy is going to create a top coat or thick film and the concrete floor is going to have a nice smooth finish, one you could mop and clean out really easily and the other will look like concrete except it’s going to be stained. The stains come in opaque or semi-transparent while your epoxies are just solid colors and you just pick any color you want and apply that color. Some of the differences between a stain and an epoxy are that an epoxy is typically more resistant to chemicals than a stain so when you drive in your garage, if you’re using it in the garage, there’s a lot of chemicals in your garage including your brake fluid, which is a very harsh chemical on floors so if your car is leaking brake fluid or you have oils or antifreeze or some other cleaners on the floor an epoxy is a lot more resistant and won’t get damaged or discolored from those chemicals. If you have the situation where a lot of chemicals may get on the floor an epoxy is the way to go.

Preparation On The Floor

What’s easiest to apply? They both really need to go through a nice good cleaning and etching process before you apply. The epoxies have a two part process. You put them together and they go through the sweating process. The application process is definitely a lot harder and more time consuming especially if you do multiple coats and you have to wait for drying and cure times.

A stain is very simple to apply. Any do-if-yourself can do it. You just get your concrete really good and clean and etched and you just roll it on. It’s definitely going to take two coats

Epoxy Can Be Finicky and Expensive If Not Done Right

With epoxy it is very, very critical that you apply it properly. If you don’t apply it properly and you drive on it and for instance get a hot tire and pick it up and it peels off then you really got a spot now in your epoxy that’s really difficult to actually touch it up because you have to sweat two gallons together and so it’s almost impossible to touch up. You’d have to buy two kits and it’ll cost you a couple hundred dollars to do a little touch up.

Stains Are Forgiving

Now a stain if you get little spots here there that peel up they’re very easy to stain. You just go buy another gallon and just roll a little bit on that spot so it’s very convenient for touch ups. Those are couple differences between the two options.

Stains are very good for a laundry room that doesn’t have any flooring. The laundry room in my house is a concrete floor and I just stained it with a solid color stain. I didn’t want to go to the whole expense of using an epoxy n my laundry room floor so I just used a stain and rolled it on.

Epoxies Are For Indoors Only

Epoxies have to be applied indoors so if you want a color on your concrete outdoors you’ve got to use a stain. We don’t hardly ever use a semi-transparent stain we use solid color stains.

Hopefully that answers when you would use a stain and why you use a stain and what’s more convenient. A stain is way easier to use than an epoxy. If you’re a do-it-yourself or don’t have a lot of the experience with epoxy a lot of things could go wrong. Hopefully that helps.

How to Repair Damaged Deck Boards








Damaged or rotten decking boards are ugly, they can be dangerous too. Luckily they’re incredibly easy to fix. I’ll tell you how to repair them which you make your deck a whole lot safer and it’ll last longer.

Now a classic example of rotten decking boards occurs where a potted plant has been sitting for an extended period of time. The decking boards are now a bit ugly and I’m going to tell you exactly how to replace it.

The first thing you need to do is establish exactly were the nails are, that’s nice and easy. Find the joist underneath because that’s where the deck board will be nailed to. It’s best to cut about a 1/4” away from the nails still left in the deck to remove only the nails on the rotted board. I cut a piece of board at a 90 degree angle and use this board as a guide. I nail this board 1/4″ away from the nails, make sure it’s lined up with the edge of the board and when I cut this board clean I’ll pop off this piece of board and throw it away. I use a finishing nail gun to nail down the guide board and a multi tool with wood cutting blade and I’ve also got a depth gauge on the front here that’s set to the exact depth as our decking so I don’t cut through the joist. If you don’t have a multi tool you can just use a hammer and chisel. After cutting through the decking board so we now need to pull out our nails in the middle of the board so I’m going to use the nail puller on the back of a hammer. Put the fork end of the hammer on the nail and give it a good whack and the nail will come right out. Once all the nails are out I then need to take off the guide block.

Then I need to measure the length of decking. That multi tool gives a perfect 90 deg edge and I have about a 1/2” of joist showing underneath. There’s a couple of different things I can do here. I can either pre-drill an angle hole for the screws to go through the end of our decking board but that is going to look quite ugly when I skew the nails in like that so what I’m going to do is screw a piece of board on the joist and then screw in the new decking board with screws at 90 degrees. I just use a battery powered drill to screw the decking in place.

If you are unsure what sort of decking to get just take your old piece into any hardware store and match it up. Just before I add the new piece of decking I’m going to chamfer the edges of the board to remove any sharp edges. Line up your nails in the new decking board with the nails in the existing board. Drill the nail at a slight angle and this will give the screw a little more to grip to. The screws I use have an annular groove. This helps the screw to grip into the board and keep the board from popping the screw out.

Now if you are worried about this being a different color than your deck, give it 6 months and then new board will blend into the same color as the existing.

That’s all there is to it. Check your deck for other damage and use the same procedure and you’ll have a safe, strong deck to enjoy.

How to Remove Caulk In your Shower and Replace it with a Professional Look









Hello everyone, I’m gonna to tell you a method to replace the silicone around your shower and make sure that it looks professionally done. So there’s just a few things you’re going to need:

  • masking tape
  • a tube of silicone (with the color of your choice)
  • a razor blade scraper
  • a caulking gun
  • hand dish soap
  • a small container to put the dish soap in

Here’s a small tip when you do get yourself caulking gun, make sure you get one of the ones that is dripless. As soon as you stop pumping there’s a mechanism on the back that will immediately relieve the pressure and you don’t get silicone oozing out the tip.

Step 1

So all you have to do is take your razor blade scraper, slide it against the tile in the shower and scrape at the silicone. Once you’ve gone under the full silicone bead then start scraping from the other side. This doesn’t take very long and what this will allow you to do is to simply peel the loose silicone away from the tile and it usually comes off in long strips. Once you’ve removed all the silicone go over the joints once again and clean off any small bits left behind. It takes about 20 minutes to remove all the old silicone from the joints.

Step 2

The next thing you want to do is to get your masking tape and tape long strips of tape along the joints on both sides of the joint where you want to caulk. Leave about a quarter of an inch gap between the strips of tape. Once the taping is done you want to put the tube of silicone in your caulking gun and slowly start pumping silicone into the joint.

So here’s another good tip for you, most people when they’re doing silicone caulking they have a rag and you just finished wiping off some silicone and it’s on your fingers they wipe it on the rag. Then the next time they use the rag the blog of silicone gets back on their fingers. Go to the church mission or the second hand stores and get a pair of pants a cheap pair of work pants. They can be anything you’re just gonna toss them out and they’re only about $2 or $3 and all you do is as you white silicone off wipe it off on your pants. Your pants will be covered with spots, it’s easy to push a finger into it to get all that junk off your finger because you do need to have clean hands as you’re doing this.

Step 3

Before you start putting the silicone on the joints you want to take the dish soap and put a little bit in a container and you want to use equal parts water and mix it up. Cut the tip off of the silicone tube and cut the tip where it starts to straighten out, cut the tip at a bit of an angle.

Step 4

So after that you’re ready to start applying. Make sure you have the soap mixture nearby. So what you’re going to do is run up the silicone and then you’re going to put some soap on your finger and use your finger to smooth it out. Slightly push the silicone and that pushes the silicone towards the tape. Then you remove the tape and then slowly push down the edges of the silicone where the tape was located. Each time you touch the silicone dab your finger in the soap to get the silicone from sticking. The silicone will look very professional when you’re done.